Avid Hemp helps customers with innovative alternatives to traditional medication, and helps the community with donations, dialogue, and education.

Our business is founded on our commitment to providing the purest, most effective CBD products available anywhere. To that end, we establish and maintain strong relationships with every single supplier of the goods and services that go into our products. We know the farmers who grow the hemp behind our products, and value the conclusions of the independent laboratories who test each batch of CBD before it enters our production chain.

The same commitment to quality and transparency characterizes our relationships with customers. We believe in pricing our products fairly, delivering them promptly, and standing behind them with unconditional guarantees that they represent exactly what we promise. We are just as receptive to our customers’ ideas as we are eager to share information with them, and nurture a wide-ranging conversation about our current and future products and operations.

CBD is proven to be a more effective and safer alternative to many prescription drugs. Avid Hemp encourages the widespread adoption of CBD-related therapies by helping to create a stable, vibrant, and responsible market for CBD products, by educating the public on the benefits of CBD, and through support of formal medical research into CBD’s applications and effectiveness.

We also celebrate and support the use of CBD in the treatment of addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, and common affective disorders. Central to our mission is our advocacy, both directly and through trade groups, of CBD’s effectiveness against opioid addiction.

The market for CBD products is new, its parameters are expanding, and the regulatory environment in which it operates changes frequently. Avid Hemp is proud to represent the growing CBD market and to serve as an industry leader. We help define the market and the regulations surrounding it through formal lobbying efforts, active membership in trade groups, education initiatives, and mutually respectful dialogue with our customers.

We have helped establish the CBD market, and have established ourselves within it, by virtue of constant curiosity, a love of innovative ways in helping others, and the determination to bring good ideas to life. Avid Hemp was founded on those principles, and will continue to operate by them.